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Our Support Centre provides a range of options to meet your needs:

Frequently Asked Questions

A good starting point.


Provides step-by-step instructions for installation, configuration and customisation of WFilter.

Support Forum

Access to free technical support. Monitored by the WFilter developers.


Maintained by the WFilter developers. Contains "how to" documents to perform more advanced configuration within WFilter.

Support and Assistance Pack

Ideally suited for WFilter owners needing help configuring their product that either haven't found the answer they need on the forums, or don't have the time to investigate. Packages are structured to offer good value by accruing in 15 minute intervals, so that you only pay for the support that you need. You can speak with our Support Engineers directly and with your permission we can "dial in" to assist interactively with configuration of WFilter. Can also be used by WFilter Appliance owners to "top-up" their Support entitlement.