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The Internet is a valuable resource for your organisation or home. The Internet provides access to a vast amount of information for research and educational tasks and simplifies communication through e-mail and other means.

But un-managed access to the Internet can lead to inappropriate use which can result in:

WFilter Enterprise - Monitor, filter and block Internet access

WFilter is an affordable Internet filtering application that allows organisations to monitor and manage their Internet usage.

WFilter only needs to be installed on a single computer to monitor the entire network. No client component/agent is needed.

WFilter allows you to:

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Online Evaluation

We have created a test lab consisting of a WFilter Appliance and a workstation both of which can be accessed via remote control.

This provides you with the opportunity to evaluate how WFilter can be used to monitor and control the workstation's Internet access without having to install and configure WFilter or deploy an Appliance evaluation unit at your site.

Contact Us to obtain access to the test lab.


WFilter Australia